Twenty seventeen plan

Expect, gentle reader, for postings to be less frequent through 2017 than they have been in previous years (notwithstanding that they’ve been a bit sparse over the last couple of months anyway). This year we plan to focus on updating the wiki — going through the article for each Swancon in turn and ensuring that it reflects… Continue reading Twenty seventeen plan

SwanCon Twenty3: An Assortment

There is a surprising amount of gumph in the SwanCon 23 (or ‘Twenty3’) folder. There are six progress reports, although there should be at least seven – the numbers run 2 through 6, with a wrap up report [ah. nostalgia. There was a time, young whipper-snappers, where one of the inter-con tastes of fandom came… Continue reading SwanCon Twenty3: An Assortment

The Lark Ascended: Roger Weddall, 1956–1992

This is a verbatim reproduction of an article by Bruce Gillespie, originally published in *brg* in May 1993. Both the article and the accompanying photograph were provided by Bruce himself, and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to present this material to a new audience. Many thanks to Bruce, and may he provide… Continue reading The Lark Ascended: Roger Weddall, 1956–1992

Battye collection

The Battye Library (the State Library of WA) likes to collect periodical publications from organisations like ours, and in various years we’ve conscientiously given them copies of our program book, souvenir book, progress reports, etc. And in various other years we’ve been not quite so conscientious. Rachel Turner ventured into the stacks and returned bearing… Continue reading Battye collection

Box of Ephemera

by Doug Burbidge Anna handed me a box of stuff and said, “Blog this!” I found: Banana Wings, issues Thirty (May 2007) to 40 (November 2009) (a UK fanzine by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer) Fannish Journeys (a NAFF fundraiser one-shot zine by Emma Hawkes) on the road to healing, a booklet for men against… Continue reading Box of Ephemera

Contents of Random Stack

by Chris Creagh This is an acknowledgement of existence. A small insignificant box lurked in the corner of the library. “This doesn’t seem to be important, not part of a collection”, the librarian. “You can take it home if you like”. woot! What’s in the box? Fanzines The Rhizome Factor Vol 1, Num 3, March… Continue reading Contents of Random Stack

Swancon 7 – Squonk! (Friday)

Transcribed by Elaine Walker From the Swancon 7 Ephemera, this is the Newsheet from Friday 29th January, 1982. All typos wherever possible have been faithfully recorded. THIS IS SQUONK! the all-new, whiter-than-white, bio-degradable, non-stick, water-absorbent, oh-my-brain-hurts SWANCON 7 daily newsheet. A simple series of questions and answers: Squonk: What is a Squonk? Answer: It is… Continue reading Swancon 7 – Squonk! (Friday)

Swancon 6 – Ephemera (Accommodation Details)

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge We have a grand total of one document in our archive from Swancon 6 – the torn off bottom half of what we assume was an A4 sheet.  And here it is (typos faithfully reproduced).      Bookings have been received from 25 people so far, most of whom I’ve had to contact… Continue reading Swancon 6 – Ephemera (Accommodation Details)