Brushstrokes #4/5 – The Chairman Quacks

Brushstrokes – Syncon92 PR no 4/5, December 1992. Transcription by Anna Hepworth, faithlessly reproducing the typographic quirks of the original document. The Chairman Quacks…. Welcome to issue 4/5 of Brushstrokes the PR for Syncon 92 the ….. Hang I hear you say, Issue 4/5! What happened to issue 4? Why combine issues 4 and 5… Continue reading Brushstrokes #4/5 – The Chairman Quacks

Brushstrokes #3

28 pages, being 7 sheets of double-sided A4, folded and staple-stitched. Front cover: art of an astronaut floating in space next to a satellite. Text: BRUSHSTROKES SYNCON 92 PROGRESS REPORT 3 Back cover: blank except for text at the bottom of the page: A Quick and Tacky Publication for Syncon 92Page 2: colophon and contents… Continue reading Brushstrokes #3

Brushstrokes #2 – on the Ditmars

‘Brush Strokes’ were the progress report/fanzines for Syncon 92. On pages 12-13 of the second of these, we find some evidence that certain conversations come around again in fandom: The Australian SF (“Ditmar”) Awards As mentioned in the first issue of Brushstrokes we want to try and encourage greater participation in the nomination and voting… Continue reading Brushstrokes #2 – on the Ditmars

Brushstrokes #2 – Info and Welcome pages

transcribed by Anna Hepworth Brush Strokes SYNCON 92 Progress Report No 2 [Inside front cover/Page 2] SYNCON 92 The Australian National Convention Easter 1992: April 17 to 20 1992 THEME: THE ART OF SCIENCE FICTION VENUE: TO BE ANNOUNCED GUEST OF HONOUR: MICHAEL WHELAN AUSTRALIAN GUEST OF HONOUR: NICK STATHOPOULOS KEYNOTE SPEAKER: SEAN McMULLEN CONVENTION… Continue reading Brushstrokes #2 – Info and Welcome pages

SynCon 1988 (‘Conviction’) – flyer

transcription and description by Anna Hepworth In our collection of SynCon (‘Conviction’) materials is a single A4 sheet, printed double sided, which is less than a progress report, but more than a flyer. The paper itself is a pale cream/yellow, and the text looks to have been printed on a dot-matrix printer. On the front,… Continue reading SynCon 1988 (‘Conviction’) – flyer