Swancon 16, Progress Report 3 – page 9

Page 9 of the Swancon 16 progress report 2 has roughly half the page devoted to each of ‘Policies’ and ‘The Auction’, each printed in two columns. All typography except SHOUTY TEXT faithfully reproduced. Yes, even the Swancon/SwanCon variations.



The usual thing: No weapons, real or replica, may be worn or carried at Swancon 16 except by a contestant during and en route to the masquerade. If a weapon is desired as part of a costume it must be securely held within a sheath or holster and arrangements must be made with the committee well in advance. Anyone drawing or wielding a weapon will be asked, in the first instance, to sheath it and, if this is not complied with, will have their membership refunded (pro rata) and be asked to leave.


Smoking will not be allowed in any of the function rooms.


Children 5 years or younger will be allowed free entrance to the convention provided they are accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult member of Swancon 16. The parent(s) of a child who is a disturbance and is not under control will be asked, by the Committee, to take him/her away.
Persons between the ages of 6 and 15 will be charged at the Children’s Membership rate (about half the going adult rate).
A Children’s Membership can only be issued with a supervising adult membership. The supervising adult will undertake full responsibility for the child at the Convention. In the event of the child being a disturbance, the supervising adult will be asked (again, by the Committee) to take him/her away.

The Auction

The SwanCon 16 Auction is to be held on the Sunday afternoon (3.30 onwards) in the Fan Lounge. The following measures have been proposed as ways of hastening the proceeding and reducing the amount of material passed in, while giving attendees a better chance to get what they want.

Firstly, SwanCon 16’s cut from the sale of any item will be 20%, rounded up to the nearest dollar (but not exceeding the actual sale price). This does NOT apply to items being auctioned for a recognised fannish fund (e.g. DUFF, GUFF, another con, etc.), where SwanCon 16’s cut is 0.0% Please note that ‘item’, in this case, can include a job lot: ergo, if you wish to auction your collection of gourmet jelly beans, you may make more offering them by the jar-full than individually (don’t laugh, this has actually happened).

Secondly, consortia should contain no more than five members apiece (organisations such as the C.I.A. or UniSFA are not considered as consortia).

Finally, all items to be auctioned should be handed in at the registration desk by 12 noon on Saturday. A written list of these items will then be made available to the attendees, and the highest priority will be given to the items which arouse the most interest. Items which attract no pre-bids – including those handed in after the deadline for the list – will be prioritised at the auctioneer’s discretion. A low priority item may be offered late in the auction in the supersonic haste, as part of a job lot with five Gor novels, or to a near-empty room.

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