Swancon 16, progress report 2: Programme

Page three of the Swancon 16 progress report 2 has several paragraphs of information about the programme, followed by roughly two pages worth of schedule from the bottom of page 3 to the top of page 5. The text is replicated here; the schedule is not — it is unlikely that we will actually get around to transcribing that, unless someone specifically requests it.

The Not-Particularly-Final Programme

We’ve all heard it said that “a programme isn’t really important for a good convention”. (Of course we’ve all heard the Liberal Party’s environmental policy too, and some of us can remember Richard Nixon saying that he wasn’t a crook.) But who’s the first person to be blamed if a convention isn’t a good convention? Or even if it isn’t a great, or an absolutely flawless, convention? The programmer, that’s who. And while I expect SwanCon 16 to be a great convention, I’m going to protect my posterior as best I can – starting now.

The master copy of the following programme is recorded on a floppy disk, not graven on marble: we are still hoping for people to volunteer items, and for the blanks to be filled. Several timeslots may be changed (some can’t), and some items may be shifted from the main programming room to the fan lounge (or vice versa).

If you wish to volunteer for a panel or other item, please approach the person listed as Co-ordinator for that item. If no Co-ordinator is listed, volunteer to the Programmer (Stephen Dedman). If you’ve been assigned a timeslot that it patently impossible, speak to the Programmer. If you wish to become a co-ordinator of an unowned panel, volunteer to the Programmer: I’d love to give some of them away (particularly the Comics Panel and the Great Debate), and I suspect that Greg is feeling overworked as well. We also need Day Managers, Video Room Managers, and Registration Desk Jockeys.

Not listed in this programme are the videos, the games, and the workshops. Robin Pen will be preparing a video programme (though he swears he won’t be running it, leaving that job in the capable hands of Mike Studte), and Gaming co-ordinator John Samuel is organising a Star Fleet Battles tournament, and a free-form (a la SwanCon 15’s Big Blue Is Watching You). Craig Hilton has offered to run cartooning and filk workshops, and Barbara Hambly has volunteered for a costuming workshop. Room parties, restaurant massacres, etc., will happen where and when they will.

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