SwanCon XV Program Book – Pages 8-9 – The XV Committee: A Field Guide

Transcribed by Elaine Walker who has endeavoured to maintain all typographical errors and bad latin. WHAT THE WILD THINGS ARE DON GRIFFITHS, CO-ORDINATOR (Lecturous tenurious) Easily identified by his devilish looking glasses, his habit of lapsing into cyberspace without notice, and the trail of business cards left in his wake. An excellent co-ordinator, and a… Continue reading SwanCon XV Program Book – Pages 8-9 – The XV Committee: A Field Guide


It’s titled in all caps, so you know it must be important. Transcribed by Doug. INCORPORATION by Don Griffiths B-) I’m taking the occasion of the second progress report for SwanCon XV to raise a very serious proposal for the future organisation of SwanCon. For the past fourteen years, the committees in Swancon have been… Continue reading SwanCon XV PR2 – INCORPORATION

On Study Leave

We are studying the shambling pile / teetering mound of SF history ‘resources’. Admittedly it looks a lot better than it did a few weeks ago. Things are now organised into con piles, fanzines, t-shirt boxes, other cons, spares, newsletters, WASFF paperwork, fan funds, fan clubs, promotional material, semi-pro zines, with a small pile of… Continue reading On Study Leave

Things to know (at a glance)

Sometimes, the items in the archive show how things have changed. For instance, there is a lovely A4 (blue, text on one side, map on the other ~80 gsm) sheet, with the above title. Font is lovely and large, and it is obviously something that should have attention paid to it. What information was considered… Continue reading Things to know (at a glance)

Rules of the Convention

  Rules of the Convention Here’s a selection of con rules from different conventions, showing changes over time. 1998 Swancon Twenty3 Please read the following rules and guidelines for the convention. They exist to ensure that Swancon Twenty3 remains a safe and fun event for all concerned. If you have any problems, crises or questions,… Continue reading Rules of the Convention