Things to know (at a glance)

Sometimes, the items in the archive show how things have changed. For instance, there is a lovely A4 (blue, text on one side, map on the other ~80 gsm) sheet, with the above title. Font is lovely and large, and it is obviously something that should have attention paid to it. What information was considered to be essential, and not obvious?

[note: given the details listed, we can tell that this was for the Festival of the Imagination, 1996, otherwise known as SwanCon 21. As this sheet was not attached to any other items, it is hard to know whether it was sent out as part of a final progress report, sent out in some other form, or handed out at registration. Given some of the details, this last seems unlikely.]

Things to know (at a glance)

The Festival

  • The Festival registration opens at 5.00 pm on 4 April.
  • The Festival closes at 6.00 pm on 8 April.
  • The Festival program starts at 7.30 pm on 4 April.
  • The Festival phone number is 09 xxx xxx.
  • The Festival E-mail is
  • Video room will be open at 5.00 pm on 4 April.


  • Perth will be 2 hours behind the East Coast in April.
  • Taxi from Perth Airport to City is $19.00 (20 min).
  • Airport Bus from Perth Airport to City is $6.00 (30 min-1 hr).

The Hotel

  • The Kings Perth Hotel is located at 516 Hay St Perth WA 6000.
  • The nearest corner is Hay and Pier Streets.
  • The entrance is on Hay St.
  • The Hotel has a car park and a guest parking rate.
  • Hotel phone number is 09 325 6555 or 1 800 999 055.
  • Accommodation must be paid in advance on arrival, credit cards are acceptable.
  • Room allocation will be at check in.
  • The Hotel has a pool.

The Area

  • The Festival venue is in the Perth City Centre.
  • Auto Tellers for all Bank Networks are available.
  • Fast Food and a good selection of restaurants are handy.
  • Transport is excellent (taxi, bus and train).
  • Parking is plentiful and mostly free over Easter.

See the map for Hotel and Venue location.

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