Swancon 6 – Ephemera (Accommodation Details)

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge We have a grand total of one document in our archive from Swancon 6 – the torn off bottom half of what we assume was an A4 sheet.  And here it is (typos faithfully reproduced).      Bookings have been received from 25 people so far, most of whom I’ve had to contact… Continue reading Swancon 6 – Ephemera (Accommodation Details)

SwanCon 4 – Progress report

by Anna Hepworth There was a solitary printed progress report for SwanCon 4 – unlike such times as the late 90s*, where three (or even four!) progress reports was a common occurrence. This was printed on basic white bond paper, both sides of an A4 sheet, and folded in half to give an A5 booklet… Continue reading SwanCon 4 – Progress report

SwanCon 4 – Ephemera

by Anna Hepworth Unlike SwanCon 3 (for which we have only advertising flyers/posters), the teetering mound of WA Fannish history contains a veritable treasure trove* of interesting *stuff*, including the above poster, a progress report, a con report by Rob McGough, and a program*. (see the SwanCon 4 tag in the flickr group for items… Continue reading SwanCon 4 – Ephemera

Where are they now? – George Turner Shortlist – 2000

by Elaine Walker 2000 was the final year that the George Turner appears to have been awarded. So a final look at what has happened to the nominees of this prize since then. The nominations for that year were: Spook Squad – Keri Arthur Stormbringer – Kerry Greenwood The Adventures of Hal Spacejock – Simon Haynes… Continue reading Where are they now? – George Turner Shortlist – 2000

Where are they now – George Turner Shortlist, 1999

by Doug Burbidge Continuing the theme, here’s a roundup of what the web knows about the 1999 George Turner shortlist authors. Maxine McArthur won in 1999. Her winning novel was duly published in that year; and a second and third in 2002 and 2004 (the second was a sequel to the first; the third was… Continue reading Where are they now – George Turner Shortlist, 1999

SwanCon 3 – Ephemera

by Anna Hepworth The SwanCon history ‘box’ (which at present comprises a teetering mound of paperwork in my lounge and a stack of box files occupying a shelf or more in another room) has one tiny manila envelope of SwanCon 3 ephemera, containing a whopping three (yes, count them, still only three) items. The smallest… Continue reading SwanCon 3 – Ephemera