SwanCon 4 – Ephemera

by Anna Hepworth

SwanCon 4 advertising poster (1 of 1)
SwanCon 4 advertising poster, with the highly topical Darth Vader as the feature graphic.

Unlike SwanCon 3 (for which we have only advertising flyers/posters), the teetering mound of WA Fannish history contains a veritable treasure trove* of interesting *stuff*, including the above poster, a progress report, a con report by Rob McGough, and a program*. (see the SwanCon 4 tag in the flickr group for items already scanned).

Currently, we are planning on posting about the progress report in the next few weeks, followed by the Program. And if we can get in contact with Rob McGough, and get his permission, we will transcribe/scan some or all of the con report.

Text of the poster, for those who are unable to view it (layout, punctuation and capitalisation preserved to the best of our abilities):

Need some plans?


2 ~ 5 March at the
Ozone Hotel
Perth WA

<two swan logos – one appears on other Waycon material, and is assumed to be the con logo, and the other is based on the W.A. sesquicentenial swan logo, with ‘Way’ ’79’ ‘con’ added, and fewer colour bands>

Only $8.00* for the best in the west.

for further INFORMATION
ask for BoB

<black and white line drawing of Darth Vader torso>

You WILL Go!

* $8.00 till 30th NOV. $10.00 till
1st DEC. $15.00 thereafter.

Limited accommodation available,
at the venue.

* some exaggeration might be seen here, given that there are only four items, to SwanCon 3’s three items. But there is actual text! There are pre- and post-con perspectives! There are names, and committee members’ writings, and it is all very exciting !!eleventy!

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