Who Con 4

Post by Mike Thompson. This was my first ever convention and my first fantastic, if you’ll excuse the pun, contact with the wider science fiction fandom.  The convention was held at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre at UWA.  Guests of Honour included Katy Manning, Robert Jewell & Tristram Cary. I still remember Katy Manning and… Continue reading Who Con 4

WA fans at AussieCon 4

by Anna Hepworth Were you at AussieCon 4 (2010)? According to my records, there were 128 Western Australian resident fans (defined as people who have a bed in WA and had slept in it within the preceeding 12 months) who stepped up to have their name added to the Obsessive List of WA fans, plus… Continue reading WA fans at AussieCon 4

Call Out

post by Chris Creagh If you have any free time then take a look at our collection of pictures http://www.flickr.com/groups/1644715@N22/ If you have even more free time and know any “stuff” about the pictures and would like to help us expose them for all the world to see then please tell us about it, or… Continue reading Call Out

Swancon 2002 badge

Post by Doug Burbidge Swancon 2002 was subtitled “Dragons of the World” (to which my brain always automatically adds the word “unite!”). One side of this badge names me as “Doug”; the other side as “Doug Burbidge”, with the second name under the first and in a smaller font. This would be a great feature,… Continue reading Swancon 2002 badge