Swancon 2006 badge converse

Post by Doug Burbidge

Swancon 2006 guest badge converse
Swancon 2006 guest badge

In a previous post, I was all chuffed with myself for doing transparent badges for Swancon 2006, until I learned that John Parker had beaten me to the idea by several years.

Above is a surplus badge from that year (the guest whose badge this was was unable to make it), illustrating the special shiny panel that I put in the guest badges. The regular badges have a transparent name layer and a transparent coloured layer, but these opaque ones, in order to be readable from both sides, have name layer, shiny silver layer, second name layer. My idea was that people wouldn’t be expecting it to be readable from both sides, thus I would be violating their expectations, thus it would be funny.

The things that amuse me.

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