FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

This is the first of a planned series of posts about Fan Guests of Honour of SwanCons and other cons past. Here we focus on Dr Chris Creagh, FGOH in 2012. Chris’s first SwanCon was in 1999, along with her two daughters. She found out about it from Elaine Walker while they were procrastinating about… Continue reading FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

Swancon 2006 badge

Post by Doug Burbidge Swancon 2006. You’ll see that this badge deals with some of the issues that I have been ranting about with regards to previous badges (font size, readability, single-sidedness, etc.) That’s because I made the badges for 2006. I thought I was dead clever making transparent badges. But it turned out John… Continue reading Swancon 2006 badge