SwanCon 18 (1993) Souvenir Book – The Best Bits

by Chris Creagh  The first page contains words from the Con Chair (Dave Luckett): For reasons that nobody can ever explain, words from the Con Chair have always been thought essential for the Program book of a SwanCon. I don’t know why, either. Nobody ever gives them the slightest attention, and rightly so, because all… Continue reading SwanCon 18 (1993) Souvenir Book – The Best Bits

FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

This is the first of a planned series of posts about Fan Guests of Honour of SwanCons and other cons past. Here we focus on Dr Chris Creagh, FGOH in 2012. Chris’s first SwanCon was in 1999, along with her two daughters. She found out about it from Elaine Walker while they were procrastinating about… Continue reading FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

Swancon 14 PR3

a just-the-good-bits transcription by Chris Creagh The Most Wanted List (Convention Committee) Cindy Clarkson – “Her hard work and capacity for doing all the things that everybody else forgets about will make her either a very successful convention organiser or a raving loony by the end of the convention.” Hing-Wing Chun – “Sceptical, tight-fisted, cynical,… Continue reading Swancon 14 PR3

Who Con 4

Post by Mike Thompson. This was my first ever convention and my first fantastic, if you’ll excuse the pun, contact with the wider science fiction fandom.  The convention was held at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre at UWA.  Guests of Honour included Katy Manning, Robert Jewell & Tristram Cary. I still remember Katy Manning and… Continue reading Who Con 4