Swancon 14 PR3

a just-the-good-bits transcription by Chris Creagh

The Most Wanted List (Convention Committee)

Cindy Clarkson – “Her hard work and capacity for doing all the things that everybody else forgets about will make her either a very successful convention organiser or a raving loony by the end of the convention.”

Hing-Wing Chun – “Sceptical, tight-fisted, cynical, suspicious, parsimonious; Wing is all the things a good convention treasurer should be.”

Terry Chilvers – “Totally and utterly unflappable by anything short of nuclear warfare, he provides a cool and stable presence at meetings and other times.”

Greg Turkich and Vanessa Leber – “decided to take Vanessa under his wing and teach her all he knows about organising hotel bookings for conventions. Fortunately, she decided to ignore him.”

Daryl Colgan – “in charge of fund raising. He will try to part you from your money….Give it to him; it will save time and trouble. He’ll get it in the end.”

Grant Stone – “At first I thought he was a realy nice raving loony. … Grant has probably … done more for SF in Perth than any other person. Grant is in charge of the Awards”

John Richards – “entered into the spirit of the convention publicity officer’s job with an energy and enthusiasm”

Elizabeth Bowyer – “helping out with publications… and does a wonderful impersonation of Mr. Gumby.”

Gina Goddard – “For the all-singing, all-dancing Gina show, you MUST attend the convention. Gina is an ex-member of Slippery Jim and the Ratettes, has a voice best described as loud, and a vivacity sufficient to keep an average Russian city warm throughout the winter.”

Ian Nichols – “That’s me. I’m in charge of programming the convention, which is somewhat like trying to juggle live piranha while figure skating blindfold over an obstacle course.”

The Guests

  • John Varley – Titan Series, Milennium, The Ophiuchi Hotline, The Barbie Murders
  • Paul J Stevens – Fan Guest (Antifan)
  • Bob Shaw – Toastmaster and raconteur extraordinaire.

Important Trivia

  • Booze – Swancon Port for sale at the convention! Albany/Mt Barker region – fruity, tending to a ruby style, young but promising.
  • Artshow
  • Writers – short story competition (up to 10,000 words)
  • Kiddies – the hotel has in-house child care facilities $5 /hr for a minimum of 4hrs.
  • Antifan – callout for copies of the Antifan films
  • Food – Awards Banquet, Bob Shaw as toastmaster, Paul J Stevens presenting the Golden Caterpillars
  • Fandance – music from all eras. Backless, strapless little black numbers will be all the rage and the ladies will be wearing interesting stuff too.
  • Ian Gould – Who are you? Where are you? F’chrissake send us a postcard with your address, because we’ve lost it.

The Urban Spaceman
This seems to be a short story  (5 para) about how fictitious Frank Reginald Quill became the Urban Spaceman by selling unreal estate  (virtual urban space! Second Life!). “After a time , and particularly since FRQ sold his unreal estate at extremely modest prices, it became fashionable to own blocks of property in the city which only existed as a relationship between buyer and seller.”

The Programme (so far)
Video program
Introductory activities – live hunt for cryptic crossword clues
Official opening
Tea break
Fandance (Thursday evening)
Japanese animation
The Dystopic Vision in SF Panel
The Quiz
Academic stream
Guests talking
The cuisine of SF Panel
Anti-Fan: This is your life – “the evil creature of the night who fights against the trufans’ attempts to gain World Convention for Australia”
The Masquerade – major costuming (Friday night)
The Dr. Who Panel
Writers panels
Masked Ball – costumes you can dance in (Saturday night)
Theatre sports
Business session (AGM?)
Serious science
1989 Ditmar awards
Banquet (Sunday night)
Fan Olympics
Cream Pie Auction
Closing ceremony

The Dead Dog Party

Generic Booking Form
Accommodation, banquet, huckster’s table, submit a programme item, submit an academic paper (please!) and membership.

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