Basicon 2 – Progress Report

transcribed by Anna Hepworth 1 * A4 standard white page with black faux typewriter printing, folded in half to make a four page ‘booklet’. All relevant information about the con is contained in the text itself, so no commentary is provided here. Just the Basics Progress Report for Basicon 2 What’s Basicon 2? It’s the… Continue reading Basicon 2 – Progress Report

SwanCon XI, programme book, assorted bits.

pages 15 and 16 of the SwanCon XI programme book have a veritable smörgåsbord of topics – the Masquerade, the Auction, the Fan Olympics, the Smoking Policy, the Short Story Competition, and the Cocktail Party, as well as an advert for “Dent Australia”, featuring at least one book that I should be able to find,… Continue reading SwanCon XI, programme book, assorted bits.

Chronopolis Issue 0

transcribed by Doug Burbidge This is a A5 booklet, and is the first progress report for Chronopolis. It would be two A4 sheets, folded into an eight-page booklet, but is in fact four sheets, so folded, because each sheet is printed on only one side. I suspect, therefore, that I am looking at a prototype.… Continue reading Chronopolis Issue 0

SwanCon Songs – The Billy Joel Hit Single of Swancon 18 (and Every Other Swancon in Existence)

This is the third SwanCon song that we have a record of.  Alas at the moment I am unable to locate transcripts of “The Ballad of Swancon 8” or “The Calypso of Swancon 11” so if anyone has these somewhere please contact us. Also “Get by with a little help from the fen” from an… Continue reading SwanCon Songs – The Billy Joel Hit Single of Swancon 18 (and Every Other Swancon in Existence)

DUFF 2009 laureate Emma Hawkes

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge At top left, a cartoon showing a bottle of GLEE moisturising lotion, captioned “Rub your hands with GLEE!”, signed Ian Gunn 1290. At top right, a photo of Emma Hawkes. DUFF laureate, Western Australian fan Emma Hawkes, is Australia’s representative at Interaction, (Interaction has been crossed out by hand in this… Continue reading DUFF 2009 laureate Emma Hawkes

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SwanCon 18 wrap-up publication

by Doug Burbidge Anna has handed me a copy of:   SwanCon 18 Perth, Western Australia Easter 1993 The Wrap-up Publication! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)   I see that this is one of the bicapitalised SwanCons. The wrap-up report is 20 pages, A5, folded and centre-stapled. The inside cover says: Contents Terry Pratchett’s… Continue reading SwanCon 18 wrap-up publication

What is WASFF?

A flyer from 2008, detailing the nefarious organisation known as WASFF. Transcribed by Anna Hepworth, original author not identified. Typos faithfully reproduced. A5 sheet, landscape, with the WASFF logo along the right hand edge (a dark circle with a handful of white stars at the bottom, a rocket tail from the W partially obliterating it,… Continue reading What is WASFF?

SwanCon XI – Posh Nosh

Being page 31 of the SwanCon XI Con Book. Transcription by Anna Hepworth, with all variations faithfully reproduced. Whilst visiting Perth, why not try some of Perth’s better restaurants, many of which have not only an interantional flavour but also an international reputation for find food? Close in to the city there are a number… Continue reading SwanCon XI – Posh Nosh