What is WASFF?

A flyer from 2008, detailing the nefarious organisation known as WASFF. Transcribed by Anna Hepworth, original author not identified. Typos faithfully reproduced.

A5 sheet, landscape, with the WASFF logo along the right hand edge (a dark circle with a handful of white stars at the bottom, a rocket tail from the W partially obliterating it, and the word running upwards).


WASFF is the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation, an incorporated association whose objectives are to foster an appreciation of Science Fiction in Western Australia and to co-operate with other groups with similar aims. It does this by organising and assisting in the organisation of events relevant to the production and consumption of Science Fiction in Western Australia; sponsoring, promoting and organising competitions to encourage the production of Science Fiction in Western Australia; and facilitating the preservation and availability of historical documents and other materials relevant to Science Fiction in Western Australia. WASFF is also a sponsor of the Faster Than Light Radio Show on RTR FM and has assisted WA small press.

How Does WASFF Work?

Conventions are co-ordinated by organising committees. The SwanCon organising committee is appointed two years ahead. Separate from these committees is a management board that has overall responsibility for running the association and oversees each of the WASFF committees.

How Can WASFF Help You?

The board of WASFF is interested in any other projects that need assistance that are in-line with our objective to foster science fiction in WA. If you have a project in mind that could use assistance, financial or otherwise, we would like to hear from you.

How Can You Help WASFF?

If you are interested in running a SwanCon, another convention or event, or becoming a board member, or have any other matter relevant to WASFF, then talk to a board member; come along the WASFF AGM, Sunday 10am; or contact the board by email: wasff@sf.org.au. Bids for SwanCon 2011 and nominations for board positions must be received before the start of the AGM

For more information, talk to one of the 2008 Board Members – Rohan Wallace (Chair), Jenny Kelly (Treasurer), Jason Watson (Acting Administrator), Russell Farr (elected Board member),Jennifer Howell (elected Board member), Jaunita Landéesse (elected Board member), Msquared (elect ed Board member), Anna Hepworth (SwanCon 2008 representative), Paul Raj Khangure (SwanCon 2009 representative), Todd Rowlands (SwanCon 2010 join representative), John Green (Swancon 2010 joint representative)

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