GenghisCon 2018 – The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

by Elaine Walker This past weekend (19th-21st January 2018) was the most recent GenghisCon, and as has been my wont for quite some time I went. Overall I had a fun weekend, once I got my room sorted out – not the ConCom’s fault, Trinity was doing some refurbishing and it turned out that some… Continue reading GenghisCon 2018 – The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

This is the first of a planned series of posts about Fan Guests of Honour of SwanCons and other cons past. Here we focus on Dr Chris Creagh, FGOH in 2012. Chris’s first SwanCon was in 1999, along with her two daughters. She found out about it from Elaine Walker while they were procrastinating about… Continue reading FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

GenghisCon – A shortish summary

By Elaine Walker A summary of a summary really since a short version of the history of the convention is available in the 2011 GenghisCon Program, but I shall summarise some of the history, flesh out some other bits and talk a bit about my own impressions as a regular GenghisCon attendee. GenghisCon (and this… Continue reading GenghisCon – A shortish summary

Grant Stone

by Chris Creagh Grant Stone, inaugural recipient of a Silver Swan, embodies SF in WA. He was there at the first SwanCon and is the Patron Saint of GenghisCon. Here he is giving his traditional “Morning Tea with Grant Stone” session at GenghisCon 2011. It usually starts with lashings of scones and jam and cream… Continue reading Grant Stone