Swancon 16 – Progress Report 3 – p11

Page 11 of the Swancon 16 Progress report 3 has the top two thirds dedicated to ‘Hotel Chat’, which is presented in two columns. At the bottom of the page there is a stylised drawing of a swan/duck looking bird. Text underneath the bird says “Tin Duck – after the original design by Robert McGough. Craig Hilton 1990

Hotel Chat

Come on folks! Get those room bookings in. As of the end of this year we cannot guarantee room bookings for you.

All the family rooms are now booked and we can only offer twin, double or triple rooms.

Creche Facilities
Swancon 16 is trying to provide baby sitting for parents at the Con. We must have at least 5 children to provide this service. The expected cost will be between $68 and $75 per child for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday inclusive, 8 hours per day from 9am to 6pm with a break for lunch (and the preservation of the sitter’s sanity!) between 1 and 2 pm. On the Monday the service would only run until 4pm.

The more children (to a maximum of 8) the lower the cost per child will be. But we MUST have bookings by 19th December 1990. At present, we have only two interested parties; if we do not receive more bookings, we will have to cancel it because of lack of expressed interest.

We will need numbers for the BBQ Banquet a fortnight before the Con, so the hotel can provide adequately for us, So let us know as soon as you can. Cost $16. (Including beer, wine and soft drink). Please book early.

The hotel will have a snack facility operating on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. They offer snacks at very reasonable prices, served in the bar or by the pool. There is also a drink and chippy vending machine in the foyer for those late night munchies which are so common at Cons.

We have booked a room for game playing and you will be able to book this at the registration desk. There is also a ‘green room’ provided for rehearsals, pre-panel meetings etc. Please let programming know if you require the use of this.

We advertised Hucksters space in Progress Report No. 1 and are able to take bookings for these. For costs, see Page 1 of this report.

If there is any problem you have with bookings or hotel facilities that you think we might be able to help you with, please drop me a line and I’ll do best to assist you.

Hope you have a beaut con!

Julia Batemen

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