Perthed* by the internet

by Anna Hepworth It is not often that my children bring me items to write up about for this blog. The exception was this evening, when one of them proudly told me that googling his name brings up a spaceship painting**. After some incredulity, I did indeed google, and it did indeed bring up a… Continue reading Perthed* by the internet

Swancon 2006 badge

Post by Doug Burbidge Swancon 2006. You’ll see that this badge deals with some of the issues that I have been ranting about with regards to previous badges (font size, readability, single-sidedness, etc.) That’s because I made the badges for 2006. I thought I was dead clever making transparent badges. But it turned out John… Continue reading Swancon 2006 badge

There Was SF in 1940?

by Chris Creagh Murdoch University has an extensive collection of SF books for the borrowing of. It’s free for students or staff. Anybody can become a community member of the library, but there is a fee.