Perthed* by the internet

by Anna Hepworth

It is not often that my children bring me items to write up about for this blog. The exception was this evening, when one of them proudly told me that googling his name brings up a spaceship painting**. After some incredulity, I did indeed google, and it did indeed bring up a spaceship painting, from the SwanCon 2008 art show. Not only did it bring up that picture, and ones by both his siblings, but in fact showed me a nearly complete set of the artwork from the SwanCon 2008 Art Show.

The full set of images is by Kathryn Linge, and can be seen at

The theme for the Art Show that year was “Fantastic Journeys” in keeping with, and the full details of the rules and requirements are available at an archive of the SwanCon 2008 web page. Coordinator of the show was Emma Hawkes, and she did a wonderful job of motivating, coordinating, managing the set up, and getting people to vote on their favourite works.***

* This, for non-Perth residents is the term for the very interrelatedness of the Perth community, and in particular Perth fandom. Rumoured to have come out of MARS (Murdoch Alternative Reality Society) in the early ’90s. Has been defined as “discovering the woman that you’ve just met at the bar, you have already slept with her sister.”
** No, he wasn’t vanity googling. One of his friends found it and reported on it.
*** Declaration of Interest: Yes, I was convenor of this convention. However, this just means I have a better idea of how much work she put in, and how well it came off….

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