Hiatus for the Silly Season

As the end of year approaches time becomes very limited and we here at This! are taking a bit of a break until the New Year (sometime, probably early January). So no new posts are likely before 2018. All the best for the rest of 2017!

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Twenty seventeen plan

Expect, gentle reader, for postings to be less frequent through 2017 than they have been in previous years (notwithstanding that they’ve been a bit sparse over the last couple of months anyway). This year we plan to focus on updating the wiki — going through the article for each Swancon in turn and ensuring that it reflects… Continue reading Twenty seventeen plan


A short note from Doug We’ve been working our way through boxes of SF materials: lots of flyers, souvenir books and such like. We’re getting near finishing the “Interstate Cons” and “Other WA Cons” boxes, so at some point we’ll have to do a proper reconnoiter to see what has and has not been done… Continue reading Sitrep

Danse Macabre Art Show Poster and General Application Form

Front page poster. Caricature of a “typical” left-handed bipedal alien with an artists paintbrush, smock and large intent eyes on the right side of the page. On the left… Display Your Art! The  Danse Macabre Art Show 13th to 16th April 1990 The DIPLOMAT MOTOR INN, St Kilda All kinds of SF and Fantasy Art… Continue reading Danse Macabre Art Show Poster and General Application Form

On Study Leave

We are studying the shambling pile / teetering mound of SF history ‘resources’. Admittedly it looks a lot better than it did a few weeks ago. Things are now organised into con piles, fanzines, t-shirt boxes, other cons, spares, newsletters, WASFF paperwork, fan funds, fan clubs, promotional material, semi-pro zines, with a small pile of… Continue reading On Study Leave

What is WASFF?

A flyer from 2008, detailing the nefarious organisation known as WASFF. Transcribed by Anna Hepworth, original author not identified. Typos faithfully reproduced. A5 sheet, landscape, with the WASFF logo along the right hand edge (a dark circle with a handful of white stars at the bottom, a rocket tail from the W partially obliterating it,… Continue reading What is WASFF?

Rules of the Convention

  Rules of the Convention Here’s a selection of con rules from different conventions, showing changes over time. 1998 Swancon Twenty3 Please read the following rules and guidelines for the convention. They exist to ensure that Swancon Twenty3 remains a safe and fun event for all concerned. If you have any problems, crises or questions,… Continue reading Rules of the Convention

SwanCon 14 Ephemera

by Chris Creagh Open the A4 manila envelope and what do I find? 1) Progress Report 3 2) Info about the 1989 ASF(Ditmar) Awards best International fiction (148 listed) Australian novel (11 listed) Australian short fiction (39 listed) Fanzine Fan writer Fan artist and the William Atheling Award 3) Works nominated for the Ditmars 4) Membership… Continue reading SwanCon 14 Ephemera


Welcome to This!, the blog for the Australian SF Distributed Archive Project (hereinafter referred to as ASFDAP, and the people involved as ASFDAPtors). AIMS: To present to the world hidden treasures from the Dungeons of Fandom, including but not limited to, the MU(SF)²F* collections, private fannish stashes and the Leaning Tower of WASFF**. To encourage… Continue reading This!