Welcome to This!, the blog for the Australian SF Distributed Archive Project (hereinafter referred to as ASFDAP, and the people involved as ASFDAPtors).


  1. To present to the world hidden treasures from the Dungeons of Fandom, including but not limited to, the MU(SF)²F* collections, private fannish stashes and the Leaning Tower of WASFF**.
  2. To encourage people to record the oral histories of the Australian fannish community, either here, in their own journals (and link it back) or in the Australian SF wiki.
  3. To record what fannish ephemera exists, and who has it.
  4. To encourage research and scholarship on topics relating to Australian SF history and culture.


* Murdoch University Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction Foundation
** Otherwise known as the WASFF (Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation, founded c. 1993) Archives.

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