Swancon 4 (Waycon ’79) Program – Fans?

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, retaining interesting punctuation and spelling. Picture of a desk fan to the left of the title. Fans? This article can be skipped by those who have attended a science fiction convention (con) before, as it is intended for those attending their first con and, in particular, those people who have not… Continue reading Swancon 4 (Waycon ’79) Program – Fans?

Swancon 2010 Chair’s Welcome

Chair’s Welcome On behalf of WASFF and Parasol Corporation I would like to welcome you to the 35th Annual Western Australian Regional Science Fiction Convention. This year the committee have worked hard to bring you a wide and diverse variety of topics, discussions and guests. Each year, after the conventions, it is always heartening to… Continue reading Swancon 2010 Chair’s Welcome