SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Acknowledgments

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, faithfully transcribing all typos. Acknowledgments THANKS TO: Leigh Edmonds and Valma Brown for attending our convention; William Collins and Thor Enterprises for prizes; Bandwest Media, especially Gary Powel, for their publicity help; Uni. of WA Computer Club for Murphy(?); A.C.P. for the offer of a computer; Dr. Dan Milech for his… Continue reading SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Acknowledgments

SWANCON 1 – review by Anthony Peacey

This review was originally printed in SwanCon 1 – Cygnetures, from the collection of Steve Gunnell, and has been reproduced faithfully, with as many of the original typographic conventions (and errors) as possible. In the deathly hush of early Saturday morning we waited, having laid a minimum of plans (and put into operation some of… Continue reading SWANCON 1 – review by Anthony Peacey

Report on Waycon ’79 – Part 1A

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge HERE IT IS; THE NOT AT ALL DEFINITIVE, AND HIGHLY BIASED, PERSONAL REPORT ON WAYCON ’79 Published by the Gonzo Journalist Review Prejudiced views on the issues of our time. Editor/Reporter/etc….Rob McGough (a “Rumours Behind the News” report.) PART ONE: THE SETUP My name is Robert McGough. (Da, da-da-dum!) I arrived… Continue reading Report on Waycon ’79 – Part 1A

SWANCON 1 – Comments

Transcribed by Chris Creagh, all typos faithfully preserved May it please the obe the Swancon has become a Duckcon. More Tarzan films recomended for Duckcon 2. WARNING Lightning bolts do not affect Black Puddings. RATINGS* The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the author. S.F. FILMS: S.F. -** PLOT IN S.F. -*** NEW DIRECTIONS… Continue reading SWANCON 1 – Comments

SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Clubs – UNISFA; WASFA; S.W. Weyr

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, all typos faithfully preserved, some spacing around punctuation tweaked UNISFA UNISFA is the University of WA Science Fiction Association, a young and sometimes vigorous club which meets every two weeks during the university termtime. I hope I am preaching to the converted when I suggest that if you are a Uni… Continue reading SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Clubs – UNISFA; WASFA; S.W. Weyr

SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Clubs – F.O.C.

Transcribed by Elaine Walker – All typos faithfully reproduced At the top of the page is a line drawing of a club (large wooden thing with handle) with the word Clubs in it F.O.C. My name is Raymond Raspa, I am the first and so far the only president of Federation Outpost Colonies. I was… Continue reading SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Clubs – F.O.C.

Rules of the Convention

  Rules of the Convention Here’s a selection of con rules from different conventions, showing changes over time. 1998 Swancon Twenty3 Please read the following rules and guidelines for the convention. They exist to ensure that Swancon Twenty3 remains a safe and fun event for all concerned. If you have any problems, crises or questions,… Continue reading Rules of the Convention