SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Clubs – F.O.C.

Transcribed by Elaine Walker – All typos faithfully reproduced

At the top of the page is a line drawing of a club (large wooden thing with handle) with the word Clubs in it


My name is Raymond Raspa, I am the first and so far the only president of Federation Outpost Colonies. I was approached by the program Editor for Waycon ’79 and he asked me to write a short history on F.O.C..

Federation Outpost Colonies was conceived by myself in late November 1977, the treasurer Hieke Immel came up with the name of Federation Outpost, I thought of colonies, hence the name F.O.C..

The first meeting was held in the back of a bookshop on Wellington Street, this meeting place was arranged through Jason Cooper, who is unofficially vice-president of F.O.C. The date of the first meeting was on February 5th 1978, we had a total of 10 people at that first meeting and I can say with pride how the first meeting was for me a great experience.

A year has passed the membership fee is still 3 dollars a year, only now we meet at 79 North Street, Mount Lawley on every 2nd Tuesday of every Month.

The format for most meetings is mainly general discussions because this club’s size, people can communicate with each other far better than at a club meeting of other clubs.

Some people, however, believe that F.O.C. is a star trek group/club, this is not entirely true because F.O.C. can and will cater for other science-fiction topics and people.

At the bottom of the page is a line drawing of some sort of flying or space ship, long thin nose, pterodactyl like wings and a curled tail.

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