SwanCon 4 (WayCon ’79) – Program – Clubs – UNISFA; WASFA; S.W. Weyr

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, all typos faithfully preserved, some spacing around punctuation tweaked


UNISFA is the University of WA Science Fiction Association, a young and sometimes vigorous club which meets every two weeks during the university termtime. I hope I am preaching to the converted when I suggest that if you are a Uni student and interested in science fiction you join us. There are several good reasons for doing so:

  1. People. You get to meet people vaguely like yourself who believe that SF fans are a scorned and persecuted minority. You too can join A MINORITY GROUP!!! (This is a good reason?)
  2. Books. The club has a library of about 200 books available to all members. (This is a good reason!!)
  3. Money. For evry member UNISFA has, the student guid contributes to the club funds; and our subscription is really quite tiny. (This is the best reason of all!!)

Ther are several special interest groups within this club, the most obvious perhaps is a very flexible sized group meeting at various members’ houses to play role-playing games such as Traveller. Members also meet at times to talk about almost anything, not necessarily about SF. (Fans are not as narrow-minded and one-track as many people think).

Special plea: where are all the female science fiction readers. We know you exist, but you don’t seem to join fan clubs. Please don’t let the word ‘fan’ put you off, it isn’t necessary to live and breathe SF to the exclusion of all else to really enjoy belonging to a club (preferably UNISFA of course).


WASFA was the first of the SF clubs formed in Perth and as such remains the largest both numerically and financially. We are also the most active in the field of event organising. We have been the prime mover of all the previous cons in WA, except SWANCON I (as this was the starting impetus for the club), as well as being highly involved in the organising of this con.

As of this convention weekend we have just completed a successful film festival (before you stsrt screaming “why wasn’t I told” we will be hopefully running another season at the end of the year) which ran for four months at PIFT. The season included such films as “Solaris”, “Silent Running”, “Metropolis”, “Westworld”, “Fantastic Planet” and eleven other films. The season was, in the words of PIFT’s director, “the most successful Saturday afternoon film season in the history of PIFT”. So you can take heart in the fact that you are not the only weird freak that likes SF (try looking around you, there might just be someone else who likes SF at this one).

I was supposed to write about WASFA in this article, but as in most experiences you need to do it before you know what it is. So I suggest you experience WASFA deeply, fully, financially, totally. (Oops, sort of gave the game away there didn’t I). Although as I said WASFA is the most financial of the clubs. It also has the greatest fund drain so we do need finances from somewhere i.e. film festivals, but they also spend money. It will not cost WASFA anything eventuallybut costs must be met in advance of cash inflow. But enough of this financial drivel onto something much more interesting.

Club activities include a wide range of interests – socializing for those so inclined (/) at the Golden Rail Tavern in the National Mutual Arcade every Wednesday night 7:00pm onwards, anyone is welcome; role playing games, D&D ?, etc. are also indulged in (if you don’t know what is D&D you will probably be introduced to it at the convention, watch out for ‘is left’); films are shown and discussions held on SF topics at the meetings, as well as getting to know you sessions with a group of people as weird as you are, where you rave on about anything under+ the sun, we even talk about SF occasionally.
So if you want to improve the quality of SF media in WA or meet other fans or even talk anout SF – come along to WASFA or any other club so that we can grow and become powerful and a pressure group and take TV stations over and ZIG HEIL, ZIG HEIL++…………… If you are interested in WASFA look for the megalomananiac called Bob Ogden+++ at the con…… That’s me.

S.W. Weyr

Recently Kat Hennessy wrote to Berkshire Weyr in England with the idea of setting up a weyr here in WA. She has now become the WeyrWoman of the Southern Hemisphere Weyr. (For those wondering what this is all about, read the Dragon series by Anne McCaffrey). For further information see Kat. Please do not overcome her as she is recently out of hospital from appendicitis operation. Written correspondence can be achieved by writting to her by the following address:- 123 Oswald Street, Osborne Park.

Line drawing of a small alien looking creature with fuzzy antennae

+ or over.
++ gave it away again, didn’t I.
+++ also look for Roy Ferguson…. That’s him.

P.S. Having read what other people have said in here, bits about clubs. I think it is time to stop being partisan about clubs and just join fandom after all that’s what is important.

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