CIA ’zine 1992 – Editorial

Being a direct transcription of p1 of “Perpendicular Worlds”, the CIA (Curtin Imagination Assocation) club ’zine for 1992 Editorial The Editor ’ere we go, ’ere we go, ’ere we go. That’s right, its once again time for the wonderful literary comment from the person that you, yes you, got to edit your magazine for you.… Continue reading CIA ’zine 1992 – Editorial

SwanCon 4 – Program – Cover and Welcome

Transcription by Elaine Walker – attempted to reproduce faithfully, misplaced commas and all Front Page WAYCON ’79 PROGRAM Welcome Waycon, waycon ra ra ra, well people, folks of the con, you have now arrived and no doubt you are wondering why , the answer is to be found within the covers of this convention booklet.… Continue reading SwanCon 4 – Program – Cover and Welcome

FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

This is the first of a planned series of posts about Fan Guests of Honour of SwanCons and other cons past. Here we focus on Dr Chris Creagh, FGOH in 2012. Chris’s first SwanCon was in 1999, along with her two daughters. She found out about it from Elaine Walker while they were procrastinating about… Continue reading FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

The Lark Ascended: Roger Weddall, 1956–1992

This is a verbatim reproduction of an article by Bruce Gillespie, originally published in *brg* in May 1993. Both the article and the accompanying photograph were provided by Bruce himself, and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to present this material to a new audience. Many thanks to Bruce, and may he provide… Continue reading The Lark Ascended: Roger Weddall, 1956–1992

GenghisCon – A shortish summary

By Elaine Walker A summary of a summary really since a short version of the history of the convention is available in the 2011 GenghisCon Program, but I shall summarise some of the history, flesh out some other bits and talk a bit about my own impressions as a regular GenghisCon attendee. GenghisCon (and this… Continue reading GenghisCon – A shortish summary

Doug reminisces about the CIA

by Doug Burbidge Getting knowledge out of people’s heads and putting it down on (digital) paper counts as history; therefore, I shall now reminisce. (This reminiscence may be somewhat spotty, because my episodic memory is not that fabulous. Comes from reformatting and reinstalling my brain too many times.) I became a student at Curtin Uni… Continue reading Doug reminisces about the CIA