Borderlands: The world within – Convention Manifesto (2000)

Transcribed by Anna Hepworth. Borderlands: The World Within ran in 2001, and was the first of three thematic small regional cons run by Grant Watson, Simon Oxwell, and ASFDAP editor and contributor Anna Hepworth. Prior to the convention, a four A4 page (single sided print) item entitled ‘Convention Manifesto’ was produced (no indication of distribution… Continue reading Borderlands: The world within – Convention Manifesto (2000)


Welcome to This!, the blog for the Australian SF Distributed Archive Project (hereinafter referred to as ASFDAP, and the people involved as ASFDAPtors). AIMS: To present to the world hidden treasures from the Dungeons of Fandom, including but not limited to, the MU(SF)²F* collections, private fannish stashes and the Leaning Tower of WASFF**. To encourage… Continue reading This!