WASFA T-shirt from the MUSFF collection

Today’s post comes to you from the dusty dungeon depths of the Murdoch University Library, where the MUSFF collection is held. Amongst the treasures held is a veritable dragon’s hoard of t-shirts collected over several decades and multiple continents. One gem of this collection, is a WASFA t-shirt.

WASFA t-shirt, date unknown, designed by Katrina Hennesy

WASFA predates the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF) which was started c. 1993. WASFF is, among other things, the overseeing body of the Western Australian Regional Science Fiction Convention, generally known as SwanCon, (see the WASFF web page for more information about the current situation). The Australian SF wiki is strangely silent on the topic of WASFA, and the amount of information it has on WASFF is currently rather short and uninformative – we encourage everyone with an interest in Australian (and particularly, in this case, Western Australian) fannish history to get involved, and Add More Information!

Edited to correct dodgy information. Question to the masses: did WASFA stand for Western Australian Science Fiction Association?

The photograph used in this post was taken by Elaine Kemp in the Murdoch University Library, and has been made available under a Creative Commons licence (CC-by-NC). We are attempting to contact Katrina Hennesy, but have not yet succeeded. The image is provided in good faith, and will be removed if she requests.


  1. afaik WASFA had no role in the oversight of Swancon. Where are you getting your information?

    1. Hi Jeremy

      It may well be that there is case of Chinese Whispers or Doctors handwriting happening here – no-one is quite sure where we had that information from, so we will go back and edit the entry.


  2. Library catalogue records for WASFA news indicate that “WASFA” stood for “Western Australian Science Fiction Association”.

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