Swancon 16 Progress Report 3 – Pages 12-14 – Bid ad, Membership, Forthcoming Conventions and Acknowledgements.

This is a part summary, part transcription of pages 12, 14 and 13 of Progress Report 3 of Swancon 16. (Yes, they were in that order) comprising of an advert for the Swancon 18 NatCon bid; the membership list and forthcoming conventions as well as acknowledgements. Some typos will be from the page, some will be my own. Elaine

Page 12 didn’t actually have a page number on it, but was an advertisement for Swancon 18 which was bidding for NatCon in 1993. There was an illustrated cyberswan (à la robocop) drawn by Craig Hilton with a speech bubble containing the text “Dead or alive you’re coming with me. Pre-Supporting is only $5.00!)”

A smaller drawing of the cyberduck with a wing extended towards the Bid Committee: Dave Luckett; Sally Beasley; Tara Smith and Gigi Boudville. The PO Box number was given for those wanting more information. Design by Go West, Young Fan! Productions.

The next page, which was page 14 according to the bottom of the page had a nice illustration of a unicorn by Keira McKenzie. It was the membership list as at 20th November 1990 and had 91 members, of which 2 were the guests, Barbary Hambly and Cindy Clarkson, and 27 of which at this point were still supporting memberships.

Forthcoming Conventions

Dates: 29th March to 1st April 1991
Venue: Brisbane Gateway Hotel, North Quay, Brisbane
Rates: $75 attending, $15 supporting, $5 voting
GoH: Harlan Ellison & Patrick Tilley
Toastmaster: Nick Stathopolous
Theme: Dangerous Visions
Mail: P O Box XXX, Camberwell 3124
Dates: 7-10th June 1991
Venue: Melbourne Townhouse Hotel, Swanston St, Carlton
GoH: Mark Lenard & Bjo Trimble
Fan GoH: Gary Armstrong & Diane Marchant
Mail: P O Box XXXX, Northlands 3072
Dates: 4-7th October 1991
Venue: Uni of West Sydney – Hawksbury Campus
Rates: $75 attending, $20 supporting
GoH: Dave Prowse
Fan GoH: Marianne Plumridge
Room Rates: incl meals $130 from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch
Mail: Mavis Smith, XX XXXXXXX XXX, Woy Woy 2256
MAGICON – The 50th Worldcon
Dates: 3rd-7th September 1992
Venue: Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
Rates: US$75 attending, US$20 attending [Ed. No, I don’t get that either.]
GoH: Jack Vance & Vincent DiFate
Fan GoH: Walter A Willis
Toastmaster: Spider Robinson
Mail: P O Box XXXXXX, Orlando, FL XXXXX-1992 USA


The Chairman and Committee wish to thank all those who have given so unstintingly of their time and skills to make this Progress Report possible, and particular thanks to Keira McKenzie and Craig Hilton for the artwork in this production; and to Darrin Smith for the many hours spent slaving over a hot screen in his kitchen cooking up the layout.

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