Snippets from swancon seventeen – november report

So 24 pages of the usual and not so usual “stuff” that can be found in a progress report. Here are some of them.

Page 4:
[T]he Anime Matsuri programme is looking great, with over 24 hours of fully subtitled or dubbed material representing a wide selection of the finest Japanese Animation currently available in English.
Besides our heavy emphasis on Discussions over Panels (our “Don’t just sit there – do something” theme) and the sophisticated multi-streaming (there will always be something to do at 17!) there’ll be a variety of other attractions to keep you away from sleep, social contact, eating and sanity.
Quasar (the “Live Action Space Game”) will run almost continuously through the evenings and nights of the Convention. Through the generosity of the management of Quasar Northbridge, equipment will be available for use by Convention members, and several organised sessions each evening will provide a marvelous introduction to the game.
For those of you who thought Cyberpunk was Science Fantasy, come along and try The Net first hand. OK, so it’s not a consensual reality yet, but the Internet (or Usenet as it’s also known) is certainly the first step on the path. This international network of computers provides access to fascinating folks world-wide, and discussion on what is effectively a giant conferencing system range from SF, Computers, Sport, and Jokes through the latest discoveries in Biotechnology, Physics, and Artificial Intelligence to Forums on Women’s Issues, Atheism, Conspiracy Theory and Sex. There will be a Net-terminal located in the Fan Lounge for the duration of the Convention, with experts available to help you and answer questions. Why not Jack In and see what the future will be like?
(I guess nobody predicted the copious of quantities of cats on the internet of today!)

Bits of “The Conference Program”, pages 5-7:
Originality in SF Theme Music (Presentation): An entertaining and informative look at plagiarism in the world music by Nick Stathopoulos.

Makeup Special Effects Demonstration

Juggling Workshop

Theatre Games: The great leveler; a spontaneous acting game where everyone has a chance at humiliation.

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