Swancon 18 bid flyers

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge

I have two bid flyers here for Swancon 18. One is black photocopy on white A5 paper, all hand-drawn art, signed “Craig Hilton ’90”. At the top left a kangaroo with goggles on forehead, wearing scarf (with the name Bruce on it) and jacket, looking towards the text:

SwanCon 18
is bidding for the
National Convention
Good gravy, Wombat, this means it’s

Perth in ’93
… and that’s serious fun!
Remember to vote Perth in ’93 at

Around the edge of the page is a sort of cartoon of a swan in a series of 50 or so tiny drawings: the swan rockets from the bottom left up the left edge of the page, behind the kangaroo drawing, glides across the top of the page, dives down the right, tumbles partway down the descent, then glides across the bottom to complete the loop.

The other flyer, A4, enters the digital realm with a variety of fonts and sizes, and two more pieces of Craig Hilton art.

is bidding for the
NatCon in 1993
At the centre right is a large picture of a Robocop-like swan, with a speech bubble at centre left saying “DEAD OR ALIVE, YOU’RE COMING WITH ME. (Pre-Supporting is only $5.00!)”

Below that, a small Roboswan at bottom left, with its left wing pointing towards text at right:

Bid Committee:
Dave Luckett (09) xxx xxxx (a/h)
Sally Beasley (09) xxx xxxx (w)
Tara Smith (09) xxx xxxx (a/h)
Gigi Boudville (09) xxx xxxx

For more information, contact:
PO Box xxx, Nedlands, WA 6009

Design by Go West, Young Fan! Productions

In our copy, the Roboswans are hand-coloured in pink, orange, pale blue and pale brown texta.

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