FGOHs of SwanCons past — Chris Creagh (2012)

This is the first of a planned series of posts about Fan Guests of Honour of SwanCons and other cons past. Here we focus on Dr Chris Creagh, FGOH in 2012.

Chris’s first SwanCon was in 1999, along with her two daughters. She found out about it from Elaine Walker while they were procrastinating about working on their PhDs at Murdoch, and has been coming back fairly frequently since. She did manage to get to WorldCon in Melbourne in 2011 but has not yet been out of the country on fannish pursuits. She was there at the beginnings of GenghisCon, more because of her daughters’ involvement and took on committee roles for a few years.

What does she consider to be the most outrageous fannish thing she has done? That would be donning a french maid mouse outfit complete with tail, ears, whiskers and duster. Why? As part of the promotional film for SwanCon 31 (2006).

Which Dr. Who? It used to be Tom Baker, probably because of the jelly babies and the scarf, but now of course it is Matt Smith, as always the latest is the greatest.

First SF book? Day of the Triffids

Claim to fame? Having seen the original Dr. Who series in real time as well as the original Star Wars movies. That just comes with age.

RPG? Paranoia
Card game? Munchkin
Board game? Ticket to Ride
Reading? Graphic novels, as there is not much time for anything else.
Collecting? Wooden puzzles, scientific paraphenalia particularly if the glass work is nice.
Concerned about? Climate change and working towards a sustainable future.
Latest adventures? Tai Chi, steampunk, jazz.

In real life she’s a physicist and physics lecturer with a past life as a radiographer.

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