SwanCon Songs – The Billy Joel Hit Single of Swancon 18 (and Every Other Swancon in Existence)

This is the third SwanCon song that we have a record of.  Alas at the moment I am unable to locate transcripts of “The Ballad of Swancon 8” or “The Calypso of Swancon 11” so if anyone has these somewhere please contact us. Also “Get by with a little help from the fen” from an unknown convention is missing.

Here however is the song specially written by Craig Hilton in the early hours of the 12th May 1993. All typos faithfully reproduced.

The Billy Joel Hit Single of Swancon 18 (and Every Other Swancon in Existence)

(to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”)

We didn’t start the fire.
All the swans were conning since the world was dawning.
We didn’t start the fire.
Though we barely knew it, we were living through.

Ozone, Zardoz, horses’ doovers, Royal George,
K-9, pentograms, Damoclean thong,
Odyssey, ornithopters, whales in elevators,
Triffids, tirbbles, FTL Radio Show,
Anne McCaffrey, morris dancers, foot massage and filking parties,
Labour Day, lingerie, what more do I have to say?


Westos, frisbees, Broderick, cream pies,
Black Suns, Harrison, Vegemite Shield,
Rail Baron, Goon Shows, space invaders, Star Wars,
T shirts, Ratettes and Slippery Jim,
Smoothing rum and filking partie, pan-galactic gargle blasters,
John B, D and D, yet another memory.


Auctions, Bob Shaw, jelly beans, Ambassador,
Hucksters, computer room, smorgasbord tea,
Miss Maud, Cherryh, Easter eggs, Hambly,
Dowling, cybersquiggle, Grey Company,
Freeway, Aliens, war gaming veterans,
No Doz, videos, on and on on it goes.


Jordan, Pratchett, witches, platypus,
Discworld, rats, furry animal fans,
Comic Books, anime, Sticky Moments, takeaway,
Battletech, world creation, weapon display,
Fan funds, fanzines, free form, ice cream,
Popcorn in the corridor, I can’t take it any more!


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