Swancon 14 – PR2 – Fandom in Perth

being a sequence of short summaries of fan activities, covering pages 7 and 8 of the second official progress report for Swancon 14. As ever, typos faithlessly reproduced; note that all contact details have been omitted, even if we think that they are defunct. Fandom in Perth One of the most common requests we receive is to provide information… Continue reading Swancon 14 – PR2 – Fandom in Perth

WA fans at AussieCon 4

by Anna Hepworth Were you at AussieCon 4 (2010)? According to my records, there were 128 Western Australian resident fans (defined as people who have a bed in WA and had slept in it within the preceeding 12 months) who stepped up to have their name added to the Obsessive List of WA fans, plus… Continue reading WA fans at AussieCon 4