Swancon 14 – PR2 – Fandom in Perth

being a sequence of short summaries of fan activities, covering pages 7 and 8 of the second official progress report for Swancon 14. As ever, typos faithlessly reproduced; note that all contact details have been omitted, even if we think that they are defunct.

Fandom in Perth

One of the most common requests we receive is to provide information on SF-related groups and activities in Perth. We hope that this list will go some way towards fulfilling such requests. If you know of other groups or or activities not listed below, please write to us with details, and we’ll include them in the next PR.

The Cappuccino Club.

On the first Thursday of every month a large portion of the Cappuccino Bar (149 James St, cnr of James and Lake St., Northbridge) is taken over by a group of local SF fans. Here they settle down to an informal chat session, fuelled in no small way by the incredible sundaes which are the speciality of the house. This writer would like to thank the Cappuccino Bar for making the likes of the “Luna Blu” available to the general public.
Contact: Cindy Evans xxx xxxx.

The Curtin Imagination Association (C.I.A.)

The CIA is a Science Fiction and Fantasy group, based at the Curtin University of Technology.
Contact: Greg Colgan Liaison Officer CIA, [address omitted].

Dark Star.

A recently formed group, meeting on the third friday of each month from 7:30 pm at the Kid’s Open Learning School, [address omitted]. Each meeting has a central theme and feature a video of some sort with related discussion panel (eg. sex in Blake’s Seven) and group activities (e.g. pin the eyepatch on the Travis). The emphasis is placed upon enjoyment. Admission is $3.00, which also includes wine and cheese.
Contact: John Richards xxx xxxx


Standing for “Fannish Monthly”, this is a social gathering of local SF fans, usually held at members’ houses. These meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month, beginning 8pm. FM also publish The Epistle , a regular newsletter containing useful information about upcoming fannish events as well as future FM meetings.
Contact: Ann Griffiths xxx xxxx

The Faster Than Light Radio Show

Hosted by Grant Stone, this half-hour , award-winning programme can be heard every week on Tuesday at 6.30 pm and repeated on Thursday at 11 am. Tune your radio to 6UVS FM (92.1 FM). Each programme contains book and film reviews, interviews, music as well as information from the SF world.

The Grey Company

Founded in 1984, this is Perth’s Dark Ages pagentry group. The Grey Company meet every Sunday from 9am in the park beneath the Charles St exit ramp ( in Aberdeen St, opposite City Motors). This is a training session at which the group practice (non-lethal) combat with period weapons and armour. Grey Company perform combat exhibitions at schools and fairs and for charity. The traditional festivals of Midwinter and Midsummer are celebrated with feasts in the style and featuring the cuisine of the Dark Ages.
Contact: Bill McConnell xxx xxxx.

The University Science Fiction Association (UniSFA)

UniSFA has a club room on the second floor of the Guild Building at the University of Western Australia. This serves as an informal on-campus gathering place for members and is open every weekday of the University term. The club room also houses a large library of SF titles which may be borrowed by members.
Contact: Julia Copeland xxx xxxx

The Westlodge.

The local Dr. Who club, Westlodge meet on the first Saturday of each month from 1.00 pm in the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre 2 at The University of Western Australia. Admission is $1.40 which covers the day’s activities and afternoon tea.
Contact: William Duffy xxx xxxx

At the bottom of page 8, there is a mostly black square drawing, with a human figure on a unicorn on top of a bluff, looking towards the moon in a blackened sky, with irregular white grids reminiscent of suburban roads.

ed: and thus ends our transcriptions from Swancon 14 official PR 2.

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