SUNCON ’91: Progress Report No. One: Bio on Leigh Edmonds

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge In S.F. Commentary-the Reprint Edition, there is a photograph (dated Easter 69) of Leigh Edmonds with short hair and no beard. It is the only proof that I have seen that Leigh was not born with beard and long hair. (Although this would support Tim Reddan’s theory that to be a… Continue reading SUNCON ’91: Progress Report No. One: Bio on Leigh Edmonds

Info left over from GenghisCon

Murdoch University library has been doing stuff in the basement and here is the report: Over the 2012/ 2013 period approx. 1300 fanzines and associated material have been catalogued, with Murdoch University Library records added to the national database (Libraries Australia).  The two year project completed in July 2012 ensured all fanzines that had been… Continue reading Info left over from GenghisCon

Fanzines 1983

by Chris Creagh I have in my hot little hand a fanzine edited and published by Seth Lockwood in 1983 called “Give Dog Boiled Yak”, number 2 July. It looks like it was written on a flying hammer typewriter and then stencilled and, you guessed it, belongs in the Murdoch collection. This episode contains: Editorial… Continue reading Fanzines 1983


by Chris Creagh Murdoch University has a large collection of SF related works. There are thousands of books on the shelves in the main part of the library. In the basement there is a book-film tie in collection with around 1200 books. They are either the book of the film, or the book that the… Continue reading MU(SF)2F

Call Out

post by Chris Creagh If you have any free time then take a look at our collection of pictures If you have even more free time and know any “stuff” about the pictures and would like to help us expose them for all the world to see then please tell us about it, or… Continue reading Call Out

Leigh Edmonds Collection: Personal Papers

post by Chris Creagh A few years back Dr Leigh Edmonds, who was, among other things, a prolific fanzine editor, was encouraged by Grant Stone to donate his significant collection of SF fanzines and SF related correspondence to the library at Murdoch University. It is housed in the basement of the library in a safe… Continue reading Leigh Edmonds Collection: Personal Papers