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SUNCON ’91: Progress Report No. One: Bio on Leigh Edmonds

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge In S.F. Commentary-the Reprint Edition, there is a photograph (dated Easter 69) of Leigh Edmonds with short hair and no beard. It is the only proof that I have seen that Leigh was not born with … Continue reading

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Info left over from GenghisCon

Murdoch University library has been doing stuff in the basement and here is the report: Over the 2012/ 2013 period approx. 1300 fanzines and associated material have been catalogued, with Murdoch University Library records added to the national database (Libraries … Continue reading

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Fanzines 1983

by Chris Creagh I have in my hot little hand a fanzine edited and published by Seth Lockwood in 1983 called “Give Dog Boiled Yak”, number 2 July. It looks like it was written on a flying hammer typewriter and … Continue reading

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by Chris Creagh Murdoch University has a large collection of SF related works. There are thousands of books on the shelves in the main part of the library. In the basement there is a book-film tie in collection with around … Continue reading

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Call Out

post by Chris Creagh If you have any free time then take a look at our collection of pictures http://www.flickr.com/groups/1644715@N22/ If you have even more free time and know any “stuff” about the pictures and would like to help us … Continue reading

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Leigh Edmonds Collection: Personal Papers

post by Chris Creagh A few years back Dr Leigh Edmonds, who was, among other things, a prolific fanzine editor, was encouraged by Grant Stone to donate his significant collection of SF fanzines and SF related correspondence to the library … Continue reading

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