Info left over from GenghisCon

Murdoch University library has been doing stuff in the basement and here is the report:

Over the 2012/ 2013 period approx. 1300 fanzines and associated material have been catalogued, with Murdoch University Library records added to the national database (Libraries Australia).  The two year project completed in July 2012 ensured all fanzines that had been located in various areas of the basement were fully catalogued. This included 266 titles from the Leigh Edmonds collection (loose issues still in mailing wrappers).

The fanzine collection arranged by Leigh Edmonds (in blue binders) are yet to be catalogued, as is the comics collection.

The library have also established a standing order with their major monograph supplier for sci fi and fantasy works by Australian authors, which are being added to the general collection at 808.83876A.

They’ve also exported a list of the Leigh Edmonds loose issues — also fanzines but they believe they were intended to form part of Leigh’s collected publications.

To find the fanzines that have been added to the Murdoch collection go to and type fanzine into the search box in the centre of the page and search. Then refine your search to SF and you have 1466 titles to choose from. Happy reading.  If you actually need to see the fanzine for research etc then you will have to fill out a form if it is not online or on the shelf.

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