DudCon 1

I’ve got a flyer for DudCon 1 here. (DudCon is the occasional con you have when you’re not having a con — for example, if nobody else wanted to be the media Con this year.)

Picture of a slug in repose, wearing a T-shirt

DudCon 1

25 – 29 December 1992

Theme: Personal Hygiene in SF

Venues: Melbourne Townhouse, The Diplomat and The Victoria Hotel

Guests of Honour: Media – Patrick Troughton (Subject to Availability)
– A token NextGen actor
Literature – Terrance Dicks & William Shatner
Science – Harold F. Peabody of Nasa (Designer of the Space Shuttle Toilet)
Fan Guest of Honour: Spud

Con Mascot: Colin the Space Slug

Con Charity: The Lost Dogs Home*

Artshow Award Categories:
Macrame Objects         Collage of Dried Bodily Fluids
Painting of an Autopsy     Pencil Drawing of a Slug
Tie-dyed Godzilla         Slightly Out Of Focus Photograph
Model of a Shuttle Toilet Made From Mashed Potato

Masquerade Categories:
Dullest Performance         Best Costume Made From Cardboard
Most Believable Transvestite     Most Trek Costumes on the Stage at Once
Most Inappropriate Use of a Revealing Costume

Con Award Categories
Nastiest Fanzine         Largest Con Organiser Ego
Bitchiest Club Committee     Worst Over-reaction to Criticism
Most Hated Fan         Most Rip-offs in a Video

Main Stream: Opening Ceremony & Banquet – Townhouse
Masquerade & Closing Ceremony – Diplomat
Video program – Victoria
Alternate: Japanimation – Wodonga Travelodge, room 23
Gaming – Melbourne University High, 17 – 21/4/93

There will be a number of Fundraisers run to Support DudCon I prior to the event, some of which are listed below:
26 January   The Linda Blair Film Festival   Cost $5, BYO Jaffas
12 February   Milk Tasting Party   Cost $20, BYO Food & Alcohol
17 April   Battle Beyond the Stars 10th Anniversary
To be held at the Hilton Ballroom, Formal dress required, cost $100, bring a plate
6-8 June   Skirmish Weekend in Hoddle Street   Cost $10, BYO Food & Ammo
24 September   Bubblebath Party   Cost $20, BYO Soap
3 November   Phantom of the Opera Trip   Cost $4300, BYO Suitcase
(Due to local performances being booked out we will see the London production)

* Note: Anyone wishing to dump an unwanted pet may do so at the table provided in the video room

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