Constantinople Progress Report One

Four page A5, being one double-sided A4 page, folded.


Progress Report One.         January 1992

Uniting the Empire

On the left is the cat image representing the cat the convention is named after

Welcome to the first Progress Report for Constantinople, a convention to be held in Melbourne over Easter, 1-4 April 1994, currently bidding to host the 33rd Australian National SF Convention and the 1994 Australasian SF Media Convention.

GUESTS OF HONOUR: So far we have confirmed our Professional Guest of Honour and two Fan Guests of Honour. There is a possibility for a further Special Guest but nothing can be announced until nearer the Convention date.

MEMBERSHIP RATES: Presupporting Membership is $ 5, available until 7 June 1992

Full Membership will be $ 80 until 31 December 1992. This may be paid in instalments, and, if necessary, a new rate will be set after that date.

ACCOMMODATION: The Convention Hotel will be the Southern Cross, 131 Exhibition Street, in central Melbourne.

Room rates are currently being negotiated and will be announced when available. All Hotel booking should be done through the Convention address and a Hotel Booking Form will be circulated when all details are finalised.

Overflow accommodation is also available at nearby Hotels, such as the Victoria, and we are looking at special Convention rates in similar venues for members who do not wish to stay at the Southern Cross.

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COMMITTEE: As of October 1991, the current Bid Committee for Constantinople ’94 is the following people.

Alan Stewart – ‘Chair’; Publicity; Program Book
Apollo Zammit – Treasurer
Jan MacNally – Secretary; Program Book
Glen Tilley – Programming; Hotel Liaison
James Allen – Hotel Liaison
Karen Pender-Gunn – Guest of Honour Liaison; Dealers Room
Donna Heenan – Registration; Art Show Co-Ordinator; Volunteers
Carol Patterson – Fan Lounge
Jane Tisell – Head of Programming; Oddsbody
Katrine Papworth – MSFC Liaison

Volunteers so far include Roger Weddall, Beky Tully, Derek Screen, Les Robertson, Justin Semmel, Mark Loney, Fiona Kingdom, Julie Hughes, Alison Wallace, Michael Hill, Sharon Tapner, Marc Ortleib, Phoebe Davies, Shane Morrissey, Kaye Morrissey, Jan Tully, Jeanette Tipping and Ian Gunn.

If you have any suggestions, offers of help or require information about particular areas please feel free to write to the relevant Committee member care of the Convention address.

We’d love to hear from you and can be contacted at:
World Trade Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, 3005 AUSTRALIA.

Constantinople is being organised with the help of Melbourne Science Fiction Club Inc.

CONVENTION CHARITY: Money raised from the auction of specifically donated items at the Convention, plus a donation from general Convention profits, will be passed on to the Cat Protection Society of Victoria. Further profits will be allocated to promote SF in Australia, perhaps through donations to current Fan Funds or future Conventions.

At bottom of page are contact details for the Cat Protection Society of Victoria.

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Alan Stewart asked me to provide some details for this PR regarding Constantinople the three legged feline mascot and hero of the Convention in ’94. Well what does one say about a three legged cat ?

Firstly, Constantinople is approximately 5½ years old. The oldest drawing of him exists to my knowledge on page 4 of a fanzine titled The Adventures of Man Nº 9 published in March 1986. In October of the same year I published Constantinople the Brave, Fun with a Three Legged Cat. It was a 20 page colour-in book that was handed out to fans, Hare Krishnas and anybody who was interested in it.

Since then the happy three legged pussy cat has had appearances in various places, not just in fanzines! He has been scrawled on bits of paper and pinned up at parties usually with the victorious slogan ‘Constantinople Lives!’. Then there was the time I constructed a life size blue three legged cat in the form of a child’s wooden toy on wheels. It was given to Danny Heap for his birthday.

Now Constantinople has the unique and honourable position as Convention logo. I am personally glad to see him employee in this manner. It guarantees his survival. He won’t just disappear into obscurity as part of some forgotten fanzine.

Phil Wlodarczyk (12 November 1991)

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Yes, please enrol me as a Constantinople pre-supporting member!

… followed by the same contact form as in PR 0.

Page 4
Pre-Supporting Members.   (At 31 January 1992)

…followed by a list of 52 people.

At the bottom of the page, an outline of a cat, being drawn by a pencil, by Sheryl Birkhead.

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