Fanzines 1983

by Chris Creagh I have in my hot little hand a fanzine edited and published by Seth Lockwood in 1983 called “Give Dog Boiled Yak”, number 2 July. It looks like it was written on a flying hammer typewriter and then stencilled and, you guessed it, belongs in the Murdoch collection. This episode contains: Editorial… Continue reading Fanzines 1983

WASFA box from July 1977 Part 4

by Chris Creagh The following, type writer produced, short story is reproduced with permission of the author, Stephen Dedman. Said permission was accompanied by the remark “It has kind of a cheesy ending.” So, if you are an early career aspiring writer, take heart, things do get better. High Dungeon 26-2-78 by Stephen Dedman There… Continue reading WASFA box from July 1977 Part 4