Fanzines 1983

by Chris Creagh
I have in my hot little hand a fanzine edited and published by Seth Lockwood in 1983 called “Give Dog Boiled Yak”, number 2 July. It looks like it was written on a flying hammer typewriter and then stencilled and, you guessed it, belongs in the Murdoch collection. This episode contains:
Editorial by Seth Lockwood
A Musical Evening by John Berry
Vegemite Toffee by Julian Warner
Easter In Melbourne by Jo Masters
The Ultra Deep Stuff by Seth Lockwood
Letter from Robert Mapson

On the back page are a list of fanzines that were received “in the last three months or so”. I will copy them here for those of you looking at SF fan history
Anvil 25, 26 (BSFC)
Thyme 24, 25, 25.5, 26 (Rodger Weddall)
Timbre 1 (Tim Jones)
Nude Spoons (NASF)
Fission Chips 4 (Tom Cardy)
Living In The Limelight (Stewart Jackson)
Sneetche 1:1 (Graham Ferner)
The Wasfan 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 (Kevin McCaw/WASFA)
Quinapalus 6 (M. K. Digre)
Holier Than Thou 15 (Marty Cantor)
Fanzine Fanatique (Keith Walker)
Bosh 3 (Roger Sjolander)
Pariah 4 (Gerald Smith)
Ein Ganzes Leben Im Dienst (Robert Mapson)
Wahf-full 11 (Jack Herman)
Gegenshein 43 (Eric Lindsay)
The Smoff’s Newsletter 6 (Derek & Christine Ashby)
The Hard Ones 6 (Gary Barber)
Skate Press 13, 14, 15 (Chuck Connors)
Introduzine (Glen Crawford)
The Ravin’ 4:2 (Stephen Dedman)
The Hag And The Hungry Goblin 5 (Derek & Christine Ashby)
Rataplan 21, 22, 23 (Leigh Edmonds)
The Mentor 43, 44 (Ron Clarke)
Piffle (And Other Trivia) 7, 8, 9 (UNISFA)
Weberwoman’s Wrevenge 2:6, 3:1 (Jean Weber)
Small Friendly Dog 22 (Skel .n Cas)
Q36 4 (Marc Ortlieb)

What a collection!

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