Leigh Edmonds Collection: Personal Papers



post by Chris Creagh

A few years back Dr Leigh Edmonds, who was, among other things, a prolific fanzine editor, was encouraged by Grant Stone to donate his significant collection of SF fanzines and SF related correspondence to the library at Murdoch University. It is housed in the basement of the library in a safe and stable environment. We were able to get in and take some photographs at the beginning of the year and here they are. It is the intention that at some stage in the future they will be scanned and uploaded on to the internet. First though there are matters of copyright and permissions from those named in the correspondence has to be sought.



  1. Good grief! So that’s where they went.

    I didn’t actually mean to send my early correspondence off with my fanzine collection when they went to Murdoch, but there was a man with a van and we just took all the stuff off the shelves and away it went. Not that I’m conplaining, it’s all better off with you than with me.

    This raises another question. Valma and I are down sizing af the moment and I have a number of boxes of correspondence that follows on from the volumes in the photos. As time goes by the letters are less about sf fandom and more about other things including my time at Murdoch uni and involvement in history. Might you be interested in these papers at some time down the track?



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