Wikipalooza at Swancon 42

We wikipalooza’ed at Swancon 42, acquiring information for the wiki from heads owned by people such as Sally Beasley, Ken McCaw, and Susan Margaret. Articles that substantially increased in length included: Swancon 5 Swancon 6 Confusion ’94 Slashcon Swancon 2006 If you have recollections about these or other Swancons, get thyself a wiki account and… Continue reading Wikipalooza at Swancon 42

Swancon 6 – Ephemera (Accommodation Details)

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge We have a grand total of one document in our archive from Swancon 6 – the torn off bottom half of what we assume was an A4 sheet.  And here it is (typos faithfully reproduced).      Bookings have been received from 25 people so far, most of whom I’ve had to contact… Continue reading Swancon 6 – Ephemera (Accommodation Details)