Swancon 6 – Ephemera (Accommodation Details)

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge

We have a grand total of one document in our archive from Swancon 6 – the torn off bottom half of what we assume was an A4 sheet.  And here it is (typos faithfully reproduced).

     Bookings have been received from 25 people so far, most of whom I’ve had to contact and ask personally.  A lot of people seem to think they will be able to turn up on the day and expect a room.  The problem is, that “The George” is not a hotel and we have to do all the catering ourselves.  This means we need the numbers and the money in advance, so that we can buy things like SOAP and TOILET PAPER and FOOD enough for all of us for three whole days and nights.
     Only 7 people have confirmed their bookings by paying the minimum deposit of $10.  Only 30 people are being catered for, due to lack of advance money.  We may be able to manage 35 guests, but only with your financial support now.
     The rate for guests is $5 per head per night for 3nights.  This includes breakfast, and tea, coffee, and cordial through-out the con.
     Sleeping space is still available in 1 of 3 large, comfortable rooms, to share with 8-10 other people. Or if you wish, there’s room to pitch a tent in the garden. If you can provide your own mattress and/or bedding, please let us know. If not, inform us also, as we will try to arrange a loan of a mattress, or foldabed, or camp stretcher (no jokes about camp followers, please!).  If there is enough support for the idea, we will try to allocate one of these rooms for people who actually want to get a good night’s sleep, and the others for the ragers.  Please indicate your preference.
     Please call me if you have any suggestions, queries or bookings.  I need feedback on all of the above points.  Latest date for payment of deposits is at the WASFA meeting on April 10. Full balance of fees due at the door, on registration day (Friday, April 17).  Cash, or a cheque made payable to SWANCON 6 ACCOMMODATION FUND.
     Thanks,-Barb de la Hunty. XXX XXXX ext. XXXX (work)
                   XXX XXXX (home)

Edited to add: and here’s the image!
Swancon 6 accomodation details

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