SwanCon Twenty3: An Assortment

There is a surprising amount of gumph in the SwanCon 23 (or ‘Twenty3’) folder. There are six progress reports, although there should be at least seven – the numbers run 2 through 6, with a wrap up report [ah. nostalgia. There was a time, young whipper-snappers, where one of the inter-con tastes of fandom came… Continue reading SwanCon Twenty3: An Assortment

Con Fusion Fundraisers

A selection of fund-raising activities done by Con Fusion (I suspect before it became SwanCon 19). The first one is a section the width of an A4 sheet but cut horizontally. If it were on A4 it would be printed in portrait mode. The second is a standard A5 sheet, printed portrait mode. Transcribed by… Continue reading Con Fusion Fundraisers

Borderlands: The world within – A5 flyers

In our collection of Borderlands (short running WA small con) ephemera, we have two versions of an A5, double-sided flyer. The earlier version is bright blue, the later custard yellow. Identification of timing is that one lists an ‘early bird’ price, while the other does not. There are some other small variations, which will be… Continue reading Borderlands: The world within – A5 flyers

Borderlands The World Within flyer

White A4 flyer, single-sided. Transcribed by Doug Burbidge, who is annoyed that the body text is in small caps. Bleah. Nanotechnology Genetics Psychology Immunology Bionics Artificial Intelligence Chris LAWSON Jeremy BYRNE Tess WILLIAMS BORDERLANDS THE WORLD WITHIN Borderlands is the funkiest new speculative fiction convention to hit Perth in years! Borderlands will approach speculative fiction… Continue reading Borderlands The World Within flyer

Flyer – Borderlands: Trilogy (2003)

A5 flyer for Borderlands Trilogy. Green paper, double sided. One side contains the main guests (Simon Brown, Dave Luckett); the convention name superimposed on a circle made up of vague fantasy trilogy runes; URL: trilogy.borderlands.com.au (almost certainly defunct now); the convention date AUGUST 23-24, 2003; and the location: Emerald Hotel, Perth (as it was called… Continue reading Flyer – Borderlands: Trilogy (2003)

Aussiecon 4, 68th Worldcon Flyer Melbourne September 2010

by Chris Creagh Flyer and memberships form – A4, landscape, double-sided. One side has the blurb for the Guests of Honour: Kim Stanley Robinson, Shaun Tan and Robin Johnson as well as a list of convention Highlights including the usual speeches, people, masquerade, awards, discussion, author kaffeeklatsch, readings, book signings, book launches, room parties, dealers… Continue reading Aussiecon 4, 68th Worldcon Flyer Melbourne September 2010

Conviction – Syncon 88 – Convention Book – advertisement, page 40

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge, who is restraining the urge to comment further. THE Swancon for 9 4 (at right a picture of a black swan’s head signed Grant 88) Get a head start. Join the bid for Perth in ’94 for the Worldcon $5.00 is all it takes. Mail us a cheque : Perth in… Continue reading Conviction – Syncon 88 – Convention Book – advertisement, page 40

SwanCon 3 – Ephemera

by Anna Hepworth The SwanCon history ‘box’ (which at present comprises a teetering mound of paperwork in my lounge and a stack of box files occupying a shelf or more in another room) has one tiny manila envelope of SwanCon 3 ephemera, containing a whopping three (yes, count them, still only three) items. The smallest… Continue reading SwanCon 3 – Ephemera

On bookmarks, and their beauty

Post by Anna Hepworth Over the years, I’ve picked up a lot of bookmarks – I get them at conventions (advertising books, or other conventions, or sometimes things that don’t appear to have any relation to the convention), I pick them up in book shops and libraries and government offices, I find them in second… Continue reading On bookmarks, and their beauty