Con Fusion Fundraisers

A selection of fund-raising activities done by Con Fusion (I suspect before it became SwanCon 19). The first one is a section the width of an A4 sheet but cut horizontally. If it were on A4 it would be printed in portrait mode. The second is a standard A5 sheet, printed portrait mode.

Transcribed by Elaine Walker

Con Fusion

Shuttle Craft Rally

Con Fusion is organising a Shuttle Craft Rally for anyone with a shuttlecraft. If you don’t have a shuttle craft, organise a car-load or two of people and come along. It promises to be a great day!

WHERE: The metropolitan streets of Perth
WHEN: Sunday February 6
START: 12.30pm – PCC No1 in Terrace Rd next to Supreme Court Gardens
FINISH: Mystery destination 5.00pm-6.00pm
COST: $5.00 per car
BRING: BBQ food; drinks; friends and family; road map; sense of humour and sense of adventure. Cold storage is available for your BBQ food.
CONTACT: Robin on XXX XXXX or Jason on XXX XXXX

Please book your shuttle craft or car early. The clues will be provided on the day, at the starting point. Prizes will be given at the finishing post.

***** SEE YOU THERE !!! *****

Network 23 presents a..

KIMBA the White Lion Video Night

(A Con Fusion Fundraiser)

To be held at:
XX Xxxxxxxxxxx Drive
Xxxxxxx Xxxx
March 18th

Cost: $3.00 per person

For more information and to reserve your seat contact Sue Ann or Geoff on Ph: XXX XXXX

Pictures of Kimba on various parts of the A5 sheet

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