SF Convention Register postcard for ConFusion

OK, this is interesting. It’s a postcard-sized object, but on lighter card stock, and is typed upon in fairly small type (approx 9-point). It’s got lots of ASCII typesetting with lines consisting of dashes, slashes, etc. ASCII typesetting not faithfully reproduced. There’s a US 40 cent stamp in the top right corner.

SF Convention Register
c/o Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss
[address elided] HOT LINE: [phone number elided] AIR MAIL
The reverse shows your con's listing in the current issue ofSF ConventionRegister(SFCR;excuse weird AKAs;indexing program uses them).Please check it,&get additions/corrections to me at address/phone above ASAP, so I can tell callers to hot line # above,& get it into Asimov's SF Magazine (see last page of each 4-weekly issue),&correct next issue of SFCR.For Asimov's, I need to know 6

c/o Box XXX

Mt. Lawley WA 6050


mo.before con.SFCR now has 32pp of 8-pt.type,extensive cross-indexing, etc.,so I can’t afford to send it free to all listed cons(hence, this card). To subscribe to SFCR, send $12 for 3 issues(1 year),or $24 for 2 years($15 & $30 outside N.America by air).Single issues are $3($1 outside N.America)+addressed,stamped envelope(#10[business]size,4 oz. postage),or $4($5 outside N.America). Make checks (drawn on a US bank) or money orders payable to”Erwin S.Strauss”(US $ only);Intl.Reply Coupons(IRCs) taken at$0.40 each(no change returned).SFCR shows current cons, bids,&annual cons’past dates.Thus SFCR is useful in scheduling. It also shows what rates are being charged, & is a guide to new programming ideas, & shows popular — and overlooked — guests.


Then on the reverse side, it says, up the very top of the card:

CONFUSION (OZ), Perth Australia. 15-Jul. A.K.A.: FUSION (OZ), CON. Held a YEAR AGO (1994) (see page 1 key), No word on this year (1995). EMPHASIS: media SF; Media fantasy. GENERAL INFO: Box XXX, Mt. Lawley WA 6050, AUSTRALIA.

(The PO box, as usual, is elided by me.) I like the way he’s skipped every space he possibly can, skipping spaces around punctuation marks, to squeeze it all in. I also like the way that it’s a functioning post card, with all of the various postal thingies shoehorned in around the text. And it’s such a weird the-internet-hasn’t-quite-arrived-yet object.

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