SWANCON 1 Cygnetures

by Chris Creagh
At SwanCon 2015 a rare copy of the convention book associated with SwanCon 1 came up for auction and as a member of ASFDAP I felt it was important that I acquire it. There were several other people with the same desire but when we realised we all wanted it for the same reason we just banded together, threw our money into a hat and I was given the responsibility of creating an electronic copy for on-line distribution. My apologies that it has taken me a while to get around to it but here it is.

Swancon 1 Convention Book

The next step is to make sure it is secure somewhere where people can actually get a hands-on look at it. This will probably be the Battye library but if they have a copy then Murdoch University library could well be its resting place. I will keep you posted.

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