Con Fusion / SwanCon 19 Progress Report Three

by Chris Creagh
The front cover looks pretty much the same as the second progress report except that it is the third. Same grumpy red kangaroo character using the world as its plaything.

The inside cover is exactly the same as in PR 2 however The Mutterings of a Co-ordinator on page 3 includes a very bad copy of a picture which I think is from Star Trek. The text informs me that GERRY Anderson pulled out of the convention because he was working on his new series, Space Police. However SYLVIA Anderson has joined them. Hmm… They are asking for helpers as every con does.

Page 4 is the gaming progress report which features the Seas of Dune as the main role playing event starting at 10pm on the Friday and finishing at 2am on the Saturday. Prizes donated by Valhalla Games and Hobbies (now isn’t that a blast from the past!). Rail Barron and a Wacky Races Tournament get jumpers.

Page 5 gives a bio of the guests who were Sylvia Anderson, Lewis Morley and Marilyn Pride as well as Danny Heap and a Virtual Guest through the magic of the internet.

Page 6 is a letter from Gerry Anderson explaining why he cannot get to the con.

Page 7 is all about the Masquerade Costume Parade which has the theme “The Good, The Bad, and The Alien.

Page 8 gives information about the Art/Model Expo and the Hucksters.

Page 9 to 11 are forms for such things as Hucksters Application Form, membership Form, Hotel Booking Form, Participation and Competitions.

Page 12 is the aforementioned red roo in a complete state of confusion.

Page 13 is an add for the Video Stream with “3,000 Watts of Surround Sound” and “LASER DISK TECHNOLOGY”.

Page 14 has information about the venue.

Page 15 talks about things to do at Con Fusion.

Page 16 gives information about Fundraising – Quiz Night, T-Shirts and Badges

Page 17 has info about the short story comp.

Page 18 is a list of members — about 114 of them.

Page 19 is fullof sponsors logos and the back page is blank.

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