Light side to a dark writer

In our archive is a clipping from The West Australian, Wednesday April 3 1996. (This immediately makes me want to criticise The West for using stupid middle-endian date format, but this is a problem I will cope with on my own time.) It’s from the “today” section.

Light side to a dark writer

The sub-head says:

Novelist Storm Constantine, guest of honour at the national science fiction convention starting tomorrow in Perth, talked to Vic Crossland from her “strange” home in England.

According to the article,
the nightclub lifestyle in England inspired her to start writing novels designed to destroy the typical fantasy mould.

There’s no further mention of the convention until the last paragraph:

You can meet her over Easter at the Festival of The Imagination (the SF convention) at the Kings Perth Hotel. She’ll be the one dressed in mature Goth.

And apparently her email address back then was You don’t see email addresses like that anymore.

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